Mi Surge C1 is the Xiaomi’s first self-developed Image Signal Processor (ISP)

Mi Surge C1 Xiaomi's first self-developed ISP works on the 3A algorithm to provide faster focusing, accurate white balancing, and automatic exposure with enhanced dynamic range.

Xiaomi has announced a new flagship smartphone named Mi Mix Fold at a mega event in China. Undoubtedly, the new foldable smartphone was the show-stopper. But at the same time, the company has made another important announcement. Alongside, the company has launched its first self-developed Image Signal Processor (ISP) called Mi Surge C1.

Don’t confuse it with the previously launched Xiaomi Surge S1 Processor. That was a mobile SoC, while the Mi Surge C1 is an image processing unit. The company claims that Mi Surge C1 is not part of the traditional SoC. It works independently, being a separate unit from the mobile processor.

This camera uses the “3A” algorithm to capture images explained as AF=Autofocus, AWB=Accurate White Balance, and AE=Automatic Exposure. As these terms suggest, Autofocus (AF) produces faster focus on the subject. Accurate White Balancing (AWB) helps to balance the color accuracy in different environmental conditions. Lastly, the Automatic Exposure (AE) feature is useful to provide enhanced exposure with a higher dynamic range.

Overall, this “AAA” algorithm allows the camera to take improved shots in different scenarios. It will be worth noting that ISP processes the images captured by the camera sensor. Speaking more about this ISP, the company revealed that it had made an investment of RMB 140 million in R&D to develop this technology. Apart from that, “it took several years to develop this chip,” the company’s spokesperson further added during this launch event.

Mi Surge C1 Key Features

  • Double filter, high and low-frequency parallel processing, 100% improved digital signal processing.
  • Self-developed ISP + refined “3A” processing algorithm.
  • AF=Autofocus, Faster & Accurate focus capabilities in dark environments and small objects.
  • AWB= Accurate White Balancing, a more accurate light source in a mixed environment.
  • AE=Automatic Exposure, more conventional night shots, and high dynamic view enforcement.
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